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A good website is more than just looking good, it has to sell in order for your business to thrive online.

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    Want to know more?

    There is a massive difference between each web design and development agency in Perth. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help make that decision a little easier.

    Absolutely. You have the keys.

    There are plenty of Perth web design companies that will build you a website. But not all of them will give you full administrative access and ownership to your website.

    What a lot of these companies like to do is to keep you trapped, giving you extremely limited access to your website and charging ridiculous amounts of money to make slight changes or install plugins.

    With Harmonised, you pay for a website, you get a website.

    It’s yours with 100% ownership rights from the website login details, domain registration and web hosting. * Meaning that you can do what you like, invite who you like and move it to wherever you like.

    * If a payment plan is used to purchase a website, 100% ownership is granted once the final instalment has been made and there is $0 owing on the agreed price.

    From launch, every website has trackers for all clicks on telephone links, mailto (email) links, and all contact form completions are tracked, too.

    This is standard on your new website, whether you continue with digital marketing services through Harmonised after the launch or not.

    Yes. Because each business is displaying different unique selling points and speaking to different markets, no two websites should look the same.

    Nearly a decade of SEO experience goes into every Harmonised website as standard.

    Full keyword research, copywriting and structure planning is conducted before any website is designed to ensure that each website is more than just SEO-ready at launch.

    However, that does not mean that your website will appear on page 1 of Google for relevant keywords upon launch. That depends largely on how competitive your industry is. For example, if you're a lawyer you cannot expect fresh business and website to rank, straight out of the box, amongst established law firms who have large branded search volumes and have been performing SEO for years.

    You will only be offered options that are appropriate to get the result.

    If something simple will do, like a one page website for a local service - then it will be offered.

    However, Harmonised does things properly. You will not be provided with a sub-par product that doesn't provide a tangible benefit for your business just to save money in the short-term.

    Having run hundreds of SEO and Google Ads campaigns, along with studying their heatmaps and user video recordings, we know what works.

    We know what elements of a website entice users to get in touch, fill out forms or add to cart and what websites gets users clicking back to the Google search results.

    That's why your website is first wireframed (planned out) by a highly experienced digital marketer, to utilise all the winning elements of a high-converting website, before the designer gets their hands on the job.

    That way, you get the best of both worlds - a beautifully, professionally designed website with strategic, sales-driven purpose.