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    Want to know more?

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a solution to make sure that your business can be found when your customers are searching online for your products and/or services.

    With Google continually updating its algorithm, impacting which sites are rewarded and which are punished, all strategies at Doyle Digital are both effective in the short-term and are designed to help your website thrive in the long-term, providing the best freelance SEO Perth has to offer.

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It's basically tinkering with your website to make Google go "wow, check these guys out" and list you higher on the results page.

    It's kind of like the days of the Yellow Pages when you would change your business name to Aardvark or something that starts with AAA to be at the top.

    All jokes aside, SEO is really no different. Only this time, we’re getting to the top by making sure that your website has all the good things that Google is looking for in a number 1 listing both on the website itself, and around the web.

    Because your website is your best salesman.

    Your website is available to talk to people 24/7. It doesn’t take sick days, doesn’t need annual leave and is able to communicate with consumers when they are ready for information about your business. But if your website isn’t even appearing on Google, it’s as good as your best salesman spending all day in the break room.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) brings your website back out from the shop floor and in direct contact with your local Perth customers who are searching for what you do on Google.

    Having a noticeable search engine presence allows you to be seen to those who are trying to find you. As your local Perth SEO expert, I’ll help your business to pop up, say hello, and invite your customers in to do business with you by capitalising on the free traffic that flows through Google on a daily basis.

    Unlike traditional media that implement a spray and pray approach to advertising, the audience you are targeting with search marketing doesn’t just contain some of your target market – they are your target market and are typing keywords into Google, looking for the products and services that your business provides.

    However, the success of an SEO campaign isn’t completely down to how well you rank. It is important to understand the journey a search user takes and where the responsibility lies in each stage between your SEO campaign, your website, what your business offers, and your teams’ ability to close leads.

    You’ve likely invested thousands on a website, not to mention the ongoing costs of domain registration, website hosting, SSL certificates and website maintenance and wondering why this modern business tool isn’t making any money.

    Your website needs to be visible when search users punch in keywords such as “Your Services” Perth. Web design is extremely important and crucial to converting visitors, but if your website isn’t speaking to people when they’re looking for the things that your business offers in the first place, that investment is wasted.

    Google crawls an unbelievably large amount of websites every single day and ranks them according to which websites Google deems most informative and helpful to search users.

    Clever online marketing involves optimizing your website to be clearer and easier to understand by Google’s search bots so that it knows that your business deserves to be placed at the top of search users’ results list.

    You may look to get a few SEO tips here and there or feel you already know the SEO basics, but if you really want your website to get ahead of your competition, you’ll need a local, Perth SEO Expert with knowledge of more advanced SEO techniques to take your website to that next level.

    They say that “Content is King”. And whoever those guys are, they’re not wrong! Whilst backlinks and domain strengthening are without a doubt important to a successful Perth SEO campaign; they are the health supplements where your on-page SEO copywriting is the core of the diet.

    When Google crawls a website to see how relevant it is to any given keywords/search queries it is scanning the content, the words, on your website to make its decision on where you should rank. SEO copywriting is more than just stuffing those keywords into existing content.

    It is about proving (not tricking) to Google that this is the best and most relevant website for your targeted keywords. Special care is taken to the SEO copywriting and is treated as the first priority in any SEO experts’ strategy. The quality of content is constantly being revised and the impact it has on a website’s rankings continually monitored.

    The content on any website also has to make sense and have a clear and concise call to actions, which is why SEO copywriting is absolutely the last thing you ever want to consider outsourcing to a non-native English-speaking resource outside of Australia.

    Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving so that it serves the most trustworthy and relevant websites to its users. Google evaluates how trustworthy and relevant a website is by assessing its front end (the website itself) and the back end (backlinks).

    Most SEO consultants and even the big Perth SEO companies will spend a lot of time building as many backlinks to your website as possible. Expert SEO is smarter than that and pays close attention to detail when refining the back end of a website.

    This is where a fusion with more traditional Marketing and Public Relations techniques kick in to obtain natural and high quality links to strengthen your website.

    My philosophy is simple; instead of creating as many backlinks as possible, I spend my time ensuring that all backlinks created are as strong and as organically acquired as possible. It’s less about link building and more about link earning.

    The approach is quality over quantity. Every time. My approach means that your campaign will be shielded from both manual and algorithm derived penalties. I build my campaigns to perform long term.

    Search Engine Optimisation builds up your website’s organic search visibility which remains present 24/7 and is unhindered by advertising budgets.

    If you find yourself running a paid search campaign and continually being limited by your daily budget, then Search Engine Optimisation is a fantastic long-term strategy to maximise the free traffic available through Google and to decrease your dependency on cost per click or cost per thousand mediums.

    Wondering if Search Engine Optimisation is worth the initial investment, maintenance and will provide enough business to generate a return on your investment?

    Get in touch today for SEO advice and know that your business will only be recommended to commence SEO where there is enough search volumes to generate a healthy ROI and ranking your site on the first page of Google is realistically achievable (based on the strength of your competition)

    That's probably true.

    Unfortunately, doing SEO is more involved than just "doing SEO".

    There are factors such as user metrics, SERP click through rates, SERP bounceback rates and branded searches that most SEO agencies in Perth do not factor in to their strategy.

    Harmonised Marketing looks at your entire web presence to see if SEO is the best tool to push your business forward and what can be done to ensure that an SEO campaign can be run successfully.