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    Want to know more?

    The AdWords platform provides the ability to instantly increase the traffic going to a website through paid search advertising. Google AdWords Management needs to provide clients with cost saving and business boosting value. AdWords allows for highly targeted advertising that can be adjusted and changed immediately if something isn’t working.

    It’s knowing how and when to make these changes that saves businesses from wasting money on the platform and never returning to it again. For e-Commerce websites, it is possible to identify which individual sales were made through AdWords traffic. This lets you know if the campaign is directly making money, and most importantly, providing a return on investment.

    Want to learn more? Take a look through some of our most frequently asked questions below.

    AdWords is a pay per click system where you bid on the keywords that you want to appear for in Google’s search engine results. The higher you bid, the more prominent your advert becomes. However, most AdWords accounts run by agencies are often filled with inefficiencies where an account is spending too much money on irrelevant keywords, bids not adjusted for the right devices and adverts that try to attract as many clicks as possible instead of trying to hone in on the right clicks.

    When managed correctly, AdWords can be a highly cost effective method of pulling in customers who are searching for your services. By using the best AdWords management Perth has to offer, the amount of waste of your precious marketing budget will be significantly reduced, increasing the amount of relevant, purchase ready traffic onto your website.

    Your AdWords Management is a flat monthly fee that is payable to the agency/provider for the set up and on-going maintenance of your AdWords campaigns. Flexibility should come as standard! Ads, AdGroups and Keywords need to be continually changed and adapted to maximise the campaign’s efficiency with absolutely no fear of additional charges. Most importantly of all, you get the dedication of a fully monitored campaign along with the expertise to know exactly what changes to make and when it is necessary – all working towards maximising your budget and increasing your return on investment.

    We typically target keywords that have the highest probability of turning into a genuine and quality enquiry based on what your business provides.

    A website’s purpose is not to host traffic, its purpose is to convert prospects into genuine business leads.

    Click through rates, time on site and similar metrics are not important. The only metrics that are important is if people are taking meaningful action such as submitting an enquiry form, calling you or hitting the buy now button.

    And through extensive knowledge of the platform, I’m able to keep your business visible to search users for the keywords that they want to be found for with compelling text ads that entice searchers to see more, learn more, and buy more.

    Traffic obtained through Google AdWords is charged on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis, which means you only pay for your adverts when people click on them and are directed to your website. In traditional advertising, this is what would be known as the media spend. The media spend that you pay to Google is set up separately and will be billed by Google Australia, not by Doyle Digital – providing total transparency towards what you’re paying for. Some digital marketing agencies bundle your AdWords management and media spend all into their monthly statement. The only problem with this model is that it isn’t clear how much of your monthly fees are going towards generating traffic from your website and how much the agency are really keeping as their management fees. Through setting a daily budget, Google AdWords allows for total control over how much the campaign is able to spend, allowing you to keep your marketing budget under control.

    It’s a that question clients often think, or even ask!

    There are plenty of small businesses that give AdWords a crack, unfortunately a lot of them end up spending a fair chunk of money without a single enquiry and never look back at AdWords.

    With the correct campaign set up and on-going care, AdWords can be hugely profitable for some businesses. It’s better for them to spend that money on experienced AdWords management rather than fail entirely.

    That’s fair enough. And you do have alternative options.

    Some industries can get extremely competitive, and as AdWords is a keyword bidding system it can drive up the cost per click considerably.

    AdWords is a great solution for getting immediate results in the short term, but for a more long-term solution, have a look at Search Engine Optimisation.

    No. Your management fee is fixed, regardless of how many Campaigns, AdGroups, Keywords, Ads or budget we're utilising.

    Ultimately, we'll use as many (or as little) elements to Google Ads that's required to reach the market that you're after and to maximise the budget that you've allocated for advertising in Google.

    That also means that there is no financial incentives for Harmonised to unecessarily complicate your Google Ads account structure.

    The options to utilise display and video (YouTube) campaigns in your Google Ads account is included in your standard management fee. There are no extra charges.

    Whether or not we utilise those channels will be based more on whether or not it's the best use of your budget and what results we're trying to achieve from your advertising efforts.

    We look for the cheapest, easiest and most immediate wins - which more often than not comes from Search campaigns.

    Once we've maximised the easiest opportunities, then we start to build additional channels to enhance the efforts of our Search campaigns and to create additional brand awareness.

    That will depend on your industry and your business.

    For example, trade services should start to see results fairly quickly (within the first couple of weeks) due to how immediate the need is for the service.

    Home builders, on the other hand, experience a longer wait before enquiries start coming through based on the decision making cycle and how far out that customer is from being ready to enquire.

    If we are not experiencing results from our Google Ads campaigns, despite our search terms report looking clean and relevant - we can then look to other aspects of your online presence (such as your brand and/or your website) to identify why that qualified traffic is taking one look at you and running the other way.


    Once provided with website login details and Google Analytics access, Harmonised will set up conversion tracking so that we can accurately measure the results from our Google Ads campaigns.

    If you don't have Google Analytics, Harmonised can set an account up for you.

    This service is included in your base management fee.