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Branding that just feels right

Strategy and design that makes sense

At Harmonised, we learn about your business and what you’re all about to create a brand that naturally attracts the right customers.

More than just looks

When customers like what they see, they’re far more likely to get in touch.

Hear from real business owners who have felt a real impact after rebranding with Harmonised.


Guiding you in the right direction

We don’t just develop brands. We are experienced in the whole journey, moving over to websites, and then getting those websites to perform.

Our aim is not to provide you with a design that you like best – it’s about doing what makes sense to get you more work when your brand is incorporated into all your future marketing efforts.


Reviews on Google

See real reviews from businesses who have worked with Harmonised.

Let’s go back to the start and get things right

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    Want to know more?

    It's more than just about looks - it's about whether or not your brand attracts the market that you're targeting.

    For example, if you're going after the higher end of the market and your branding looks cheap, you're going to scare off your ideal customers and attract the lower, price sensitive, end of the market.

    Yes - and an extensive competitor analysis is performed to make sure that your brand stands out of the crowd.

    All design files for your logo both in its primary colours and reversed.

    You will also get logos that are sized appropriately to use on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

    Business card designs, email signatures and letterheads are also included.

    Printing costs are not included. You may take these design files to your printer of choice or Harmonised can organise that for you at an additional fee.

    Harmonised uses the experience gained from running hundreds of digital marketing campaigns to widely different websites, with completely different branding and messaging.

    It's this ground level experience that is used to get things right at the beginning of the advertising process - so that everything is in place for optimal results when your campaigns commence.