WA Whitegoods Repair

WA Whitegoods Repair is Perth's #1 appliance repairs technician when it comes to dealing with top end brands such as Gaggenau, Miele, Electrolux and Fisher and Paykel with confidence that the job is done right with 100% genuine OEM parts used. After running a Google Ads account successfully with Harmonised, it was time to take WA Whitegoods Repair's digital marketing to the next level and grow the business even further.


Improved rankings

Higher rankings for competitive terms such as:

  • dryer repair perth
  • washing machine repair perth
  • miele dishwasher repairs perth

Insane conversion rates

The new website converts a ridiculously high 60% of website traffic from Google Ads.

Efficient advertising

Paying just dollars for leads from Google Ads as well as a handful of free leads from Organic traffic.

WA Whitegoods,
harmonised to their target market

Market Analysis

  • Mostly women
  • Owning premium appliances such as Gaggenau and Miele
  • Top 10%-20% income bracket


Harmonised through a new website with an up-market design and transparent pricing structure. Typical brands owned by our target market were showcased and even targeted with dedicated pages.




The amount of work has been mental

Since the new website has launched, things have just been mental. We have to keep pausing the Google Ads constantly because we just can't keep up with the calls coming through.


Phillip Poustie