WA Legal

WA Legal were previously using the top-end, most expensive digital marketing agencies in Perth. Once they had a strategy that allowed them to be harmonised to their target market, they began to enjoy better results.


Page one rankings

For highly competitive terms such as:

  • lawyers perth
  • car accident lawyers perth
  • free legal advice perth

High conversion rates

The new website has seen Google Ads traffic converting at 35% for motor vehicle accident claims.

Efficient advertising

Better quality leads at significantly less cost than the previous website.

WA Legal,
harmonised to their target market

Market Analysis

  • Lower 50% income bracket
  • No money to spend on lawyers
  • Slight male dominant web visits in workers compensation
  • Women converting significnatly better for motor vehicle claims (with near equal web visits as men)


Harmonised through an informative and direct sales approach. Due to a highly price sensitive and reluctant to act market, immediate education on hiring personal injury lawyers and how they charge for services was implemented.

  • It costs nothing to hire us
  • No win, no fee
  • Insurance covers all/most of your costs (depending on service)



Andrew has done a fantastic job for us.

Andrew has done a fantastic job for us. Before we approached him we used to receive some calls, after he worked on our campaign phones started ringing big way. Thanks a lot, you saved us a lot of money. Highly recommended!!!


Allan Gebarski