People Psychology

Anita first reached out in March 2022, looking for someone to run People Psychology's Google Ads campaigns more effectively. Whilst bookings were improving slightly after moving over to Harmonised, they were nowhere near ideal. After an in-depth brand audit and market analysis - A new brand identity and website was launched to champion People Psychology as the leading psychologists in Melbourne and to drastically increase the number (and the quality) of leads from their existing Google Ads campaign.


Improved rankings

Higher rankings for competitive terms such as:

  • psychology melbourne
  • couples counselling melbourne
  • anxiety help melbourne

High conversion rates

Conversion rates tripled thanks to the rebrand and new website.

Efficient advertising

Bookings more than double immediately after the new website launched.

People Psychology,
harmonised to their target market

Market Analysis

  • Mostly women
  • 40+ years of age
  • Top 10% income bracket

Harmonised through a more gentle, friendly and optimistic brand identity and a website that is easy to navigate, full of positive messaging and ways to get in touch and make a booking.






We're so happy we found Andrew

We have previously been given the run-around by other providers and dumped thousands into wasted marketing efforts. This is the first time where we've felt like our business was taken seriously, and provided with a strategy to take us forward. The results have been truly incredible and has taken a lot of pain and stress out of running this business.


Anita Bonollo

Now, it's your turn

If you’re ready to harmonise your business’ online presence to your target market, just like People Psychology did, then get in touch.