Newcastle Plumbing Kings


Page one rankings

For highly competitive terms such as:

  • plumber newcastle
  • blocked drains newcastle

Along with many plumber + suburb keywords around Newcastle

High conversion rates

The new website has seen Google Ads traffic converting at 40% (compared to the 15% conversion rate when sending traffic to the previous website).

Efficient advertising

More leads for significantly less cost. Due to heavy optimisation of the Google ads account and the high conversion rate of the website.

Newcastle Plumbing Kings,
harmonised to their target market

Market Analysis

  • Slight majority of female visitors through ads
  • Large portion of traffic are higher income earners
  • Relatively even age split
  • Mostly homeowners/private work

Harmonised through a new website that appeals to Newcastle Plumbing Kings‘ target audience, along with plenty of call to actions across the site – increasing the frequency of enquiry.




Absolutely amazing!

Can't believe the website really made that much of a difference. We're getting smashed with private calls when we were previously dead. Absolutely amazing!


Chris Hurley