Dentistry Plus

I first met Lucas back in August 2016, when he initially just needed someone to run his Google Ads for Dentistry Plus. In 2020 Harmonised finally got the go ahead to design and build a new website that would drastically improve Dentistry Plus' online presence (and number of bookings). The results speak for themselves.


Page one rankings

For highly competitive terms such as:

  • dentists perth
  • dentures perth

And many more location based keywords (such as “dentist joondalup”).

High conversion rates

Averaging conversion rates as high as 35% of Google Ads traffic.

Efficient advertising

More leads for significantly less cost. Due to heavy optimisation of the Google ads account and the high conversion rate of the website.

Dentistry Plus,
harmonised to their target market


  • More branded website experience
  • Seamless navigation to clinic contact details
  • Education and promotion of the all possible solutions
  • Reduce financial barriers to accessing dental care

Sleek, simplistic and clear – this was the approach to ensure that the Dentistry Plus website was easy to navigate and with plenty of calls to action so that making an enquiry or booking was seamless across all age groups that visited the website.

Education, not upsell, was a large part of the strategy for this website. Each page gave the website visitor what they came for as a priority, but also goes into other treatment options based on the desired outcome or budget available.

Through various financial services such as early Superannuation release, pay-as-you go or interest free post-payments – more patients became aware of the different ways that they can access high-quality dental services.




Andrew really knows his craft

We were blown away with how the website turned out and, more importantly, how much it improved the booking numbers in each of our clinics across Perth.


Lucas Lang

Now, it's your turn

If you’re ready to harmonise your business’ online presence to your target market, just like Dentistry Plus did, then get in touch.