Delineation Line Marking

Delineation Line Marking initially engaged with Harmonised Marketing for a boost to their SEO efforts. After a successful lift in their rankings initially, things started to drop over the months after. It was clear that to get to the top, and stay there, more had to be done than just technical SEO. A new website was designed and developed to not only improve the user metrics and SERP return rate in Google, but to also to turn more of the website traffic into genuine enquiries.


Ranking on page one

Emjoying free traffic for keywords such as:

  • line marking perth
  • road marking perth
  • warehouse marking perth

More enquiries

With a 50% increase of enquiries compared to the previous website.

Better quality enquiries

With larger jobs now starting to appear amongst the enquiries.

Delineation Line Marking,
harmonised to their target market

Market Analysis

  • Commercial real estate
  • Local councils

Harmonised through a more organised, professional looking website with plenty of prompts to call or fill out contact forms.

This website needed to be highly visual with high-quality photo and video content on display.

Photography and some video content services were provided to ensure the website was able to achieve this desired standard of presentation.




We're finally 1st

We initially hired Andrew for SEO. He convinced us that building a new website was essential to achieving higher rankings. We went for it and slowly but surely we kept climbing higher for "line marking perth" until we were finally 1st. Ended up being far cheaper than signing up to an SEO package and we have an awesome looking website as a bonus.


Geoff Clitheroe

Now, it's your turn

If you’re ready to harmonise your business’ online presence to your target market, just like Delineation Line Marking did, then get in touch.