Cleanetic Carpet Cleaning

For years, Cleanetic Carpet Cleaning struggled to get the right formula when it came to attracting business online. Hundreds of dollars were thrown at Google Ads each day, yet they never seemed to do as well as other carpet cleaning businesses who were investing similar money into digital marketing. Until their new website launch. Then, everything changed.


Improved rankings

Higher rankings for competitive terms such as:

  • carpet cleaning perth
  • carpet cleaners perth
  • carpet cleaning joondalup
  • carpet cleaning fremantle
  • carpet cleaning midland

High conversion rates

Consistently converting 40% of Google Ads traffic.

Efficient advertising

Customers call, already knowing the price structure and ready to book immediately.

harmonised to their target market

Market Analysis

  • Mostly female
  • Top 10% income bracket, homeowners seeking chemical free cleaning
  • Bottom 50% income bracket, seeking end of lease cleaning


Harmonised through a price focussed website that also promotes a green, chemical-free approach that’s safe for kids, pets and the environment.




My business was close to dying

Things were looking really bad for Cleanetic. It was expensive to advertise and I was hardly getting any work. As soon as I started working with Andrew things immediately got better. Then, when we finally launched the website - we're on another level and things are everything is amazing. Even when the ads are off, we're getting enquiries without spending a cent.


Imran Abbas

Now, it's your turn

If you’re ready to harmonise your business’ online presence to your target market, just like Cleanetic did, then get in touch.