Aaron’s Tree Lopping

Aaron's Tree Lopping first got in touch in September 2022, looking for SEO services to increase his online visibility and get more enquiries. However, the existing website was heavily outdated and was not a good sales tool to be directing traffic to. It certainly didn't merit the heavy investment of SEO. A new, heavily sales-foccused one-page website was developed to maximise the return from paid traffic. This one-page website was also opimised for the keyword "Tree Lopping Joondalup".


Ranking on page one

Enjoying free traffic for the keyword “Tree Lopping Joondalup” which has 70 searches per month in Google.

Better quality enquiries

With services and prices clearly listed, we were filtering out the tyre-kickers.

50% conversion rates

Half of all visitors from Google Ads turned into genuine and highly qualified enquiries.

Aaron's Tree Lopping,
harmonised to their target market

Market Analysis

  • Homeowners
  • Typically 24-45 years old
  • Realitively even split between male/female
  • Top 20% income brackets

Harmonised through a website that was price focussed and with a lot of phone number buttons and contact forms to prompt immeidate enquiries.

Accompanied by a highly optimised Google Ads campaign with straight-forward ad copy that attracts genuine customers and deters tyre-kickers.




I wish I'd found Andrew earlier

Everyone in this industry is happy to take your money each month but few seem to know what they're doing. When I spoke to Andrew, I thought I needed SEO but he guided me on what my business actually needed and all I can say is that I wish I had found him sooner. Now when I'm paying for traffic to my website, I'm actually getting the work in return.


Aaron Panossian