As we say goodbye to Google’s much loved Universal Analytics, we now need to adjust to life with GA4.

It all kinda looks the same, but feels very different. Especially in how we set up goals.


Why this method?

Most marketers tend to use the Contact Form Submission trigger in Google Tag Manager, as it’s quite easy to set up (especially whilst setting up other tags/triggers there).

The beauty of having a contact form redirect to a thank you page upon completion is that the page is only viewed when someone successfully completes the contact form.

Whereas the standard Contact Form Submissions trigger will fire whenever someone clicks the Send/Submit button, even if the form has not been successfully filled.

So, this is a more reliable way to track contact form submissions on your website.



Step 1: Click on Admin, in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Step 2: Click on Events


Step 3: Click “Create event”.

Step 4: Click “Create”.

Step 5: Create a custom name for this goal, I usually name it “contact_form”

Then fill the parameter as below.

My thank you page for this website ends with /thank-you/

If your thank you page is different, like /thanks/ or /success/ then you’ll need to adjust the value appropriately.


Step 6: You’ll see your Custom event has been created. Close out of that section and click on to the Conversions tab.


Step 7: Click on “New conversion event”.

Step 8: We need to input our new event name. This has to match exactly what we named our custom event.

In this case, our custom event was called “contact_form”.

If you named your event differently, you’ll have to adjust accordingly.

Step 9: Success! You’ve now created a goal to track a thank you page visit in GA4.

You can now view how many people have successfully completed contact forms and even pull that conversion metric into your Google Ads account.