If you’ve just completed advertiser verification in Google Ads, you’re likely racing straight to unlock some features such as adding a Business Name or Business Logo to your Ad Assets.

Most peopel are going to have the same Logo and Business Name throughout the entire account. So naturally you’d want to apply these new Assets to the entire Account.

Then, you’re faced with this message: Customer is not allowlisted for accessing this feature.


What did I do wrong?

Nothing. It’s one of the many quirks of the current Google Ads interface.


How do I solve this?

Instead of trying to apply these Assets to the Account, you have to add them at the Campaign level.

Rather than going to each Campaign and applying them one by one, we can use a quicker method.

Where it says Add to: Account, change that to Add to: Campaign.

Then, you can select all of your Campaigns to add your Asset to.

There you go. Now you’ve applied the Asset to your campaigns!


I can’t see where to add to all Campaigns

Make sure that you have selected “View all X campaigns in this view”


Then go to add your Asset



And from there, you’ll get the option to either add to Account or Campaign.