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Feel like your current marketing strategy just isn’t getting results? No matter how much money you throw at it or how many agencies you get to manage it?

You’re not alone. Most of our clients had the same story, until we harmonised their online presence to their target market.

At Harmonised Marketing we boast a proven track record of helping small businesses win online by outsmarting, rather than outspending, their competition.

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Helping small businesses, just like yours, finally win at digital marketing.


Growing online doesn’t have to be so hard

At least not when you’ve got the right people helping you. Ditch the over-promising, expensive digital marketing agencies in Perth and try a different approach.

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You’ve likely been around the block with a few digital marketing agencies in Perth already.

There’s a good chance that doing more of the same simply isn’t going to get you the results that you’re trying to achieve.

So let’s take a look at things with a fresh set of eyes and with over a decade of experience helping businesses just like yours win.



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    We specialise in harmonising your brand and website to your target audience, and making it easy for them to find you in Google.

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      Want to know more?

      If you’re not making money out of your marketing, you shouldn’t be locked in so that your business can slowly bleed out.

      If you’re getting results, you’ll stay.

      Work with someone who is confident in their craft and operates on customer satisfaction, rather than contracts.

      Your digital marketing strategy should provide you a return on your investment.

      But if fees are too high (even if your agency is doing a good job), profit margins become too tight and can hamper the growth of your business.

      Because Harmonised doesn’t have a fancy central office in Perth and business development managers canvassing work all over the metropolitan area – you’re paying for the work and only the work.

      Forget the free, generic and thoughtless marketing audits that agencies pump out through automated systems.

      With Harmonised, you get a data-assisted, human-led approach to what strategies and services are going to help your business connect with your target market.

      Whilst running digital marketing campaigns, contact and feedback is highly encouraged.

      Often, the best ideas have popped up after multiple discussions with business owners about how things are going, what customers are asking and what they're purchasing.

      You not be sold what you don't need. You won't be even be sold service that you've asked for if it doesn't look to be the right solution for your business.

      By providing honest feedback and recommending the right tools for the job, Harmonised is able to provide digital marketing solutions that have actually turn businesses fortunes around where others had only wasted their marketing budget.

      Whist Harmonised mainly provide digital marketing services in Perth, we have also built websites and ran highly successfull digital marketing campaigns in other parts of the country such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Woolongong and Newcastle.

      With Harmonised, you’re paying for time and expertise only and not a CEO, a Business Development Manager, Operations Manager, Account Manager, Coordinator or the overheads for a fancy, centrally located Perth office. All of the tools and reporting systems that agencies rely on are all third-party tools that freelancers such as Harmonised have full access to.

      Most importantly, no business is “too small to matter”. Every customer is important to Harmonised and is treated as such with a close and personal working relationship.

      Just "doing SEO" isn't enough to get your website ranking well on Google anymore.

      There's far more too it than just on-page content and backlinks. There's branded searches and user metrics to consider, among other lesser known ranking factors.

      Google are continually updating their algorithm to look for more authentic and realistic signs of a business that is meeting the needs of search users through more genuine metrics that cannot be so easily manipulated.

      That's where having a web presence that is transparent, honest and helpful along with powerful branding campaigns is a more effective way of increasing not only your market presence, but also your organic presence in Google long-term.